Tailored to eliminate physical discomfort and stress of life, to be in harmony with yourself, Grupo Zen offers a wide variety of relaxation massages from Asian to Western Deluxes. A true and unique experience of having a SPA at your own private location.

Grupo Zen offers premium quality massage services. Our clients are treated by attentive and professional therapists. We offer a variety of massages and holistic therapies dedicated to the highest standards. Our professionalism and expertise will give you a sense of comfort and will make your treatment session a pleasant and healing experience with all the attention to detail. Our massage services are:

Our Special Fusions


Four Hands Massage

Two therapists will synchronize their movements for enjoyment of ultimate relaxation and incomparable well-being.»


Asian Deluxe Massage

It combines some of the best techniques from India, China, Japan, Thailand and Tibet indulging supreme relaxation.»


Ayurveda and Relaxation Massage

A therapeutic massage practised in India for over 5000 years combined with relaxation techniques from the west. Ideal for eliminating tensions bringing you to deep levels of relaxation. Let yourself go with this invigorating treatment.»

Asian Treatments


Thai Massage

The highest ritual of the Thai kings of antiquity. Consisting of exquisite pressure techniques using fingers, palms, elbow and foot along with manipulations, it removes stress from the organs and muscles. It also improves the immune system.»


Tibetan Massage

A powerful and deep-acting massage used in the high valleys of the Himalayas. It removes tensions from organs and muscles. Submit your body to a vigorous session of intense and rhythmic massage designed to alleviate specific muscle tension and stress.»



This Japanese term comes from Rei (Universal) and Ki (Energy). Reiki is a natural therapy where healing energy is channelled into the body through the hands. This awakes the body's healing mechanisms and leads to a restoration of physical and emotional health.»