Massage Therapy - Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Manual Therapy including Sports massage and Deep Tissue all given by carefully selected massage therapists. Our aim is to promote healing and release all the existing blockages through the expertise of our highly experienced team.

Grupo Zen offers premium quality massage services. Our clients are treated by attentive and professional therapists. We offer a variety of massages and holistic therapies dedicated to the highest standards. Our professionalism and expertise will give you a sense of comfort and will make your treatment session a pleasant and healing experience with all the attention to detail. Our massage services are:

Western Massage Therapy


Physiotherapy and Manual Therapy

Improves the circulatory system, recovers estricted mobility from damaged tissues, relieves and reduces pain and increases sensory awareness. On the other hand, provides relaxation and wellbeing, helping in health recovery and maintenance.»



It is a natural healing method based on deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology, aimed at restoring the body's structures in order to give them mobility, flexibility and elasticity, adapting to the musculoskeletal, visceral and craniosacral systems.»


Sports & Deep Tissue

Optimal Deep Tissue Massage Targets stubborn knots, soothing over worked and stressed muscles.»


Lymphatic Drainage

Intense but gentle, very effective for tired, swollen and heavy legs. It improves micro blood circulation and lymphatic circulation helping to eliminate toxins. Through gentle movements, this massage helps to alleviate stress.»

Oriental Massage Therapy



Is a Japanese therapeutic massage based on Traditional Chinese Medicine that applying pressure with thumbs and palms, produces a state of deep relaxation balancing the energy of each organ, so it affects a large number of diseases.»


Tui Na - Chinese Medical Massage

Tuina methods include the use of hand techniques to massage the soft tissue (muscles and tendons), acupressure techniques to directly affect the flow of Qi and manipulation techniques to realign the musculoskeletal and ligament relationships.»


Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a technique that stimulates and relaxes specific organs and body systems through working on reflex zones in the feet. This treatment stimulates the body's self healing mechanisms and leads to deep mental and physical relaxation and a divine sense of balance.»


Jin Shin Jyutsu

A Japanese art that stabilizes the body's vital energy. A subtle form of Japanese physiotherapy helping physically, mentally and emotionally.»

Our Speciality


KU Massage

Is a holistic therapy developed by Dominika Mayer and Miguel Silva being the result of their extensive knowledge and experience in massage therapy. It combines Western physiotherapy, osteopathy and manual therapy techniques with Oriental diagnosis, Macrobiotics and Chinese Medicine.

Meaning of KU

Interpreting The I-Ching – Hexagram 18 KU.
KU means “restoration” and corresponds to the 18th hexagram of I-Ching. Formed by the trigrams: Mountain over Wind.

General: The problems of the past should be addressed so that the future can be approached with confidence. Take the time to assess any damage caused by past problems and deal with them. Doing so now will help avoid stagnation in the present and future. Bad habits and/or phobias may be holding you back. Now is the time to confront and overcome them.

Overview: Ku tends to appear when progress is being hindered in some way. Usually this is because of past obstacles or problems that were not dealt with at the time and so have continued to eat away at your progress unchecked. Ku indicates a need to examine the past issues without guilt or resentment and to deal with them so that future progress is not hindered in the same way. Be sure to ascertain the true cause or the destructive cycle will continue. »